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Strengthening and Supporting Families

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Foster Care and Adoption

We offer foster care and adoption services for children in need of out-of-home, family-based care.

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Crisis Services

We provide 24-hour crisis intervention services for children, adolescents and adults.

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Oyster Point Academy

This private day school offers therapeutic day treatment and special education for youth with behavioral, emotional or learning disorders.


First Home Care is dedicated to providing therapeutic foster care services and adoption services to children and teenagers who need placement out of their homes into stable, supportive and nurturing family environments. Drawing from more than 25 years of experience, First Home Care staff are committed to providing high-quality care for at-risk children and their families.

Children and youth in foster care learn to count on the warmth and compassion of our foster families. First Home Care’s foster parents are provided with training, and comprehensive, coordinated, nurturing care is provided in the homes of these trained treatment families. Support, supervision and 24-hour crisis intervention are available from First Home Care’s mental health professionals. Join us in fostering hope, and making a lasting difference: learn more about how to become a foster parent here.

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First Home Care offers a continuum of services that support, train, advise, educate, nurture and treat at-risk children, adolescents, and their families through our programs throughout Virginia. We are dedicated to providing services to support foster parents, and the youth in their care.

Our therapeutic foster parents are trained in the PST (Parent Skills Training) model, and offer caring and nurturing home environments that support children as they develop life skills, improve socialization skills, learn to succeed in school and develop a positive self-image.

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First Home Care offers a continuum of behavioral and mental health services to help children, adults and families receive care in their homes and communities; thereby reducing the need for more costly and restrictive levels of placements and care. We also provide highly structured special education services for children through Oyster Point Academy.

Our Community Behavioral Health Services are designed to meet the needs of individuals who may have been deemed “hard to serve” due to the involvement of multiple systems or clinically complex treatment histories, and who require access to behavioral and mental health services and supports.

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Family enjoy one another's company, two children smiling
Therapeutic Foster Care

Comprehensive, coordinated, nurturing care is provided in the homes of trained treatment families with support, supervision, and 24-hour crisis intervention.

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Family celebrating their daughter's birthday, all filled with joy.
Become a Foster Parent

First Home Care is dedicated to providing compassionate foster care and adoption services for children and teenagers. Learn more about how to become a foster parent here.

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Carf Accredited Logo
Licensing and Accreditation

First Home Care is proud to be a CARF®-accredited facility.

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Family Focused Treatment Association, Logo
Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA)

First Home Care is also accredited by the Family Focused Treatment Association.

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Family Centered Treatment
Family Centered Treatment®

First Home Care is a certified Family Centered Treatment® provider.

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